Curious about Cannabis? Wondering where to start?

Wake up to Weed with November’s Book of the Month “Waking Up to Weed; How Cannabis Can Be Key to Feeling And Aging Better, A Guide to New Users and Benefits of Marijuana for Your Body, Mind & Life.”, by Stephanie Byer. “Waking up to Weed” will guide you through the many ways cannabis works with our bodies to help with a wide range of conditions, the many ways to consume and more!

SPOILER ALERT: you don’t have to get high to get the benefits of cannabis!! 

Plus cozy up with your new book and enjoying CBD infused coffee from Hakuna Suppy CBD, Fortified For Health CBD Cacao and to add a little something special to all those latte’s & mocha’s, a cannabis leaf coffee stencil, Pure Bloom Fresh Mint Hemp CBD Oil Extract, Hakuna coffee cup keychain and more!